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Stingray BNF

Stingray BNF

The ultimate performing frame in the x8 6s 9" category, the lowest resonating and lowest weight frame on the market by a significant margin, with the data to back it up. Raw footage, BB log resonace data, you name it we can show it. No marketing hype just pure data. 

The frame has been designed around ease of use, quick release battery, easy adjusted camera angle, compatability with RS2, standard cinema cameras, and naked cameras without any adapter plates.

weighing in at just 1520g once fully built

Component list:

1x Stingray Frame

1x Dac universal camera mount + DAC/RS2 mounting plate

2x Foxeer Reaper 65a ESC

1x Tmotor F7 pro V2
8x Xnova 2812 - 1100 kv
1x XT90 or AS150

1x Matek GPS or None

1x XT30 12v camera power
1x Crossfire/Ghost/Tracer/DJI

1x DJI airunit
2x SMA Cherry antenna
1x Polulu 50v 12v 4.5a bec (camera power)
8x MAS 9x4.5x3 Props
2x 50v 1000uf cap
2x 50v 480uf cap

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