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This 10 inch 12s monster is the Alpharay, Ideal for 3kg payloads/gimbles/or anything that requires speed. The largest offering in the Raydrones professional lineup. 

The alpha ray is designed around performance. It has extremely low resonance enabling it to have a very tight tune on it meaning it flies like no other 10inch 12s.

It boasts an interchangable battery and gimble quick release plate on both top and bottom that allow for unparralleled work flow on set.

Built with the top of the range APD F120 Esc's and Tmotor f7 pro FC powered by a KDE sheilded UBEC it has reliability unlike any other in its electronics.

multiple 12v power plugs for large cameras such as the RED V Raptor, transmitters, and gimbles.

Components list:

APD F120
Tmotor f7 pro 
Xnova 3215 430kv
DJI Air unit
Your choice of RX
Cherry extended antennas 
AS150 or XT90
Matek GPS

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