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Manta Ray BNF

Manta Ray BNF

7inch naked Blackmagic carrying drone, This drone takes performance to the next level in the 7 inch category. Designed around an interlocking arm cross brace approach for maximum rigidity. The Manta Ray flys like no other!

(Does not include camera sold seperatly) 

Components list

1x Holybro Kakute H7
1x Foxeer Reaper 65a
1x DJI airunit

1x Crossfire/Tracer /Ghost/DJI Receiver 
2x True RC SMA Antenna
1x Matek GPS

1x Polulu 50v 12v 4.5a bec

4x Xnova 2808 1350kv
1x 50v 1000uf cap
1x 50v 380uf cap

1x XT60 

1x XT30 cam power

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